Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Earth Science and Geology in Photos (part 1)

Trip, Paul and Annika meet the Dep. of Agriculture in Bighorn

Road cut with geological reference marker (note that ubiquitous Red Bed layer in the rock common to this era)

Devil's Tower

Sulfur on the cave ceiling

Cave with molybdenum deposits

Black Hills

A long way from Sagamore Hill


Paul hides the "E" in Butte--haha.

Park rangers share fossil digging tips

Petrified sand dunes

Learning about "big" by the Snake River

Another national park full of geology

Getting to know the former locals

Samples on display

The Great Salt Lake

Copper mining

Mining museum

Lava beds in Idaho


Laura A said...

Looks like you're done with the course already, MacBeth! We never really studied geology at the high school level, but it's an interest, so I really enjoyed these photos. And I like the fact that you have ways to study all these things without textbooks. In fact, that's how I found your blog to begin with, looking for science resources.

Anonymous said...

I'd recognize the picture of Lake Pactola anywhere - one of my favorite places ever.

MacBeth Derham said...

Glad you recognized it, Paula! I could not recall the name...

MacBeth Derham said...

Laura, Libby never really did earth science, and Trip took it in school...this field trip was great because Trip had just finished the course, and Annika would be following my curriculum for earth science. Now that Paul is ready for it, I figured I'd jog his memory with the photos. I hope we find the samples, too!

BTW, love following the tour of Italy you took. So many memories of Libby's tour of Tuscany in '04.