Thursday, September 6, 2012

People this Angry Shouldn't be Police Officers

Here's the scene.  In a village, a quiet village, a film crew sign appears.  It's the yellow sign on the pole at the corner.

Realizing what series was being filmed, I took out my tablet and snapped a picture.  There was no one behind me, and it took all of three seconds as I sat at the stop sign.  (These are all cropped from the same image.)

Note reverse lights on.
The police officer saw me stopped (at the stop sign, mind you) taking the photo.  He stopped and backed up through the intersection to ask me what I was doing.  I told him I was taking a photo and he BLEW UP at me, screaming that I should have pulled over, pointing out obnoxiously, at the top of his voice, that there was plenty of room for me to pull over...seriously.  "Yes, officer.  Next time I will remember."  He drove off.  Whew.  I thought he was going to call for back-up, as Nassau Police do for...well...everything.  I really wanted to ask him if he oughtn't be arresting a burglar, or looking for expired parking meters, or something.  I really REALLY wanted him to stop yelling at me.  I wanted to remind him that he had no right to scream in my face over nothing...but I was in a hurry. 

BTW, see the cool tablets on my tablet?  One of my CCD students gave me that sticker.

Can you guess what they were filming?  A yellow sign with initials and an arrow is to direct a film crew to the location.  The initials are POI, and they were filming in our village!