Wednesday, July 21, 2010

High School for Two--9th Grade Version

It just dawned on me: I will have two students at home for high school this fall. This has never happened, due to Trip's detour to private high school. Now, freshman Paul will be joining Annika-the-junior. This ought to be fun.

I already posted my literature study for 9th grade; it's the same study I did with Libby 6 years ago.

As for the rest of the subjects, I suppose I'll use good old Jacobs' for Algebra, and of course he'll be heading back to German school one afternoon a week.

Paul, as Capulet

Viola lessons, theory and composition, and orchestra continue.

The rest?

Intensive hands-on earth science with a focus on glacial geology is my usual plan for 9th grade. More on that here.

For social studies, we are planning on American history with an emphasis on the election this fall. The kids will be volunteering for a congressional campaign, and get an insider's view into the process (the older kids already went out to collect signatures to get the candidate on the ballot--go Frank!). We shall see what spring brings. I am hoping for field trips!

Paul was confirmed this year, so we shall probably move onto an intensive bible study.

Did I miss a subject?


Teresa said...

Can Hank come over for Earth Science?

Teresa said...

Can Hank come over for Earth Science?

MacBeth Derham said...

That would be fun, as long as he doesn't expect anything formal! How about field trips?