Saturday, June 1, 2013

So Many Audiobooks, So Much Car Time


I love audio books, and when Audible came on the scene, it fast became a favorite.  Back in the old days,  the website was painfully slow, and downloads were slower.  Once downloaded, transferring audio to a portable device--a Pocket PC at the time--took forever, and and could only be done in small segments due to the small memory capacity.  Burning content onto CD was worse, with temperamental burner technology and cheap blanks.  Stone knives and bear skins, really.

But the price was right, and it still is.  The following is all advertisement.  (But I would not suggest Audible if I didn't use the product.)

Save 50% for 3 months - Download and Listen to an Audiobook for only $7.49 today!

Today, downloads are almost seamless, very fast, and Audible's customer service is the best on the 'net.  They even employ humans.

A friend asked for my top five audio books, but honing my favorites to 5 proved too daunting a task.  Instead, I gave her 11:  five fiction, and five non-fiction, more or less, and one (actually, three) all-time favorite listens.  Here they are:

An outstanding read:  

One of the first Audible purchases I made:

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