Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bugs Bunny: Entertaining Kids and Truckers for 75 Years

Truck stops on the road offer the casual cross country driver a quick respite on a long drive.  Public bathrooms, shops offering everything for sale, and 24 hour family style restaurants lured us as we drove along America's great highway system.  For our youngest, every stop was an opportunity to use the bathroom.

We went into one small stop once, and found the men's and ladies' rooms down a dark, narrow corridor. As usual, I gave explicit instructions:  If you are done before I am, stay right here.  But 10 year old boys and curious little monkeys have plenty in common.  When I emerged from the ladies--and I was sure he had long-since finished--he was not in the hallway.

A very tall trucker was standing outside the men's room.
"Ya lookin' for a little guy?"
"Yes," I answered, hoping I didn't sound anxious.
He nodded towards a doorway off the corridor.  "In there."  He sounded like John Wayne.

I stepped down the hall and peered into a cool, dark, smoke-filled room full of truck-drivers sitting in rocking chairs, watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on a big TV.  And my son was sitting there, too.

Screen attraction is one of his attributes; I'm glad it was a wholesome show.

Today is the 75th anniversary of Bugs.  Here's how it all started:

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