Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Quake!

So I dropped T in California on Thursday, and sent Libby to San Francisco this morning, and both miss the very strong quake that just hit the northeast.

Hey, speaking of quake, remember Quake Cereal?  Yeah, Quisp was better.
I guess it's a good day to break out the Earthquake books.

And here's a research project for your older kids today...why is Seismology (the study of earthquakes) often called the Jesuit Science?  Map the quake from its epicenter.  Check for tsunami warnings.  What kind of waves propagate from the epicenter?  Record the impact it had on your area.  Compare with the large destructive quakes which have hit New Zealand, Japan, Chile and Haiti over this past year.  Keep an eye on the USGS website.  Download the earthquake app for android!  It's free (but it will drive you crazy; earthquakes are happening all around us).

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