Friday, August 26, 2011

Alcohol and Hurricane Preparedness Round-up

"We're going to ride this out with granola bars and Jameson," vowed a visitor to NYC.  I can't imagine that combination, but if I were desperate for processed grain snacks, I guess those would be good choices.

Or perhaps the whiskey is for medicinal purposes.  

U.S. News reminds us, "Time's running out for east coasters to grab their beer and bread and brace themselves for Hurricane Irene..."  So, I'm baking a loaf right now.  Wouldn't want to be caught unprepared.

Here's a suggested "hurricane kit" including milk, cookies and wine.   Makes sense.  Makes more sense than buzzing down to the beach to surf.

For those of you in Boston, the Back Bay Patch has this tip (and others):  Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale is now on shelves.  Yep.  Priorities, folks.  I'm glad to see the BB Patch is on top of the real needs of its readers, just like our local version.  And I see the locals in my old neighborhood are going to party out the storm.  “It’s not like people will think ‘Oh no, I can’t go out,’” said a beer manager at a store in Allston.

In New Jersey?  No different.  They can't find batteries anywhere, but this resident found all she needed:  “Alcohol, soda and water. Ice, bread and junk food,” she said. “Got peanut butter, making sure we have flashlights.”

But I have been noticing that many of my friends are putting wine on their lists of "must have" items for hurricane preparedness.  I'll get some tomorrow.  I wonder if Hurricane Ridge Cab will be available?

So, what are you getting at the store?  ;)

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Mat. Emily said...

In our neck of the woods, the sale of alcohol was prohibited after Thursday!