Friday, August 21, 2009

My Novel Life, courtesy of Red Cardigan. Thanks, Erin...what fun. This'll be fun for the kids, too as a launch point for a writing/discussion seminar.

My Novel Life

1. If my life were fiction it would be set underwater city with a marine research center.

2. Right now I would be wearing...a jumpsuit made from a bio-mimetic fabric that dries quickly.

3. The biggest crisis I would be facing would be...discovering that jellyfish have complex brains that we just never detected, and they want revenge (we are not sure why...!).

4. My biggest joy would come allergen-free atmosphere, a constant ambient temperature, and regulated humidity.

5. The most frustrating daily challenge would be...making sure the kids pick their equipment up off their bedroom floors.

6. Looking out my window, I would see...squid. Giant squid.

7. The other characters in the story would be...3 geeky scientists, a quirky literature professor, monks in the St. Brendan's-Under-the-Sea Monastery, 2 humorously competitive graduate students, and a full orchestra. The acoustics at St. BUTS are perfect.

8. An essential element of a happy ending would be...My kids growing up and deciding to raise their kids right here in Sea-town.

See how Lindsay answered, too!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I'd be your neighbor...apparently, there are no homeowner associations in the depths....they just live in the shallows....

MacBeth Derham said...

Yay! A neighbor! Heheh.

Laura A said...

Very funny! I like the combo of science, the arts, and contemplation. Also the intelligent jellyfish, the wick-away jumpsuit, and the acoustics. Did you ever see the IMAX movie Stomp, which had an underwater performance?

I guess that you, too, are also having difficulty with the weather and pollen lately. I never even had allergies before, but for the past month-yow!

MacBeth Derham said...

Pollen is so bad. Trip gave me an audio test for frequency, and I think I failed.

Glad you like my "novel life." I might write it someday.