Friday, December 12, 2008

Kitchen Walls

The kitchen used to look like this, but now, it looks like this:

One window is completely gone, to accommodate the range hood (big white thing in between sheet rock). The green color of the windows...yuk. I know green is in right now, and it is my favorite color, but 70's green has to go.

OK. Grey floor. Grey cabinets. Steel racks. White appliances. Lots of wall to paint. I really want to add some red. But not a whole wall. So I am thinking about this for a backsplash:

It's actually miniature (12" square, more or less) glass brick, in a "subway" pattern. I think it's quite pretty. The two middle kids are very vocal about preferring blue over red, but I don't care for blue...besides, blue and grey is sooo Civil War.

I still haven't figured out how I will arrange all the cabinets. Since I bought them (3 years ago??) I have changed my mind several times about the construction plans. Now I have one big cabinet left over and decision about where to put it will depend on how the room looks with the range in place. It may become a breakfast bar of sorts.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a construction-free weekend, and the construction finishing next week!


Alice Gunther said...


And, like you, I prefer red!

Donna Howey said...

Coming along nicely! You should give Viv a call for cabinet spacing ideas. She's a pro :-)