Monday, June 9, 2008

Twelfth Night

The Front Lawn Players put on their annual Shakespearean production. The actors, from extras as young as 3, to the 17 year old "Sir Toby" (most were in the 10-14 range), worked hard and long to pull this production together. Behind the scenes, adults directed, designed, built, prompted, prodded, watered and fed the actors.

And the costumes? Our designer and seamstress is 16, and it looks like she might have quite a career ahead of her!

Viola and Olivia


Sir Andrew hides in the Garden.

Sir Toby and Fabian chat while Viola considers her plight.

Malvolio comes smiling and cross-gartered to Olivia.

Malvolio is jailed and the fool teases him.

Sebastian takes on Sir Toby

Orsino confronts Antonio

Viola Revealed!

Remember the rehearsal photos? Is it possible that this is the same play?

ETA: See the rest of the 200+ photos here. Video soon!


Alice Gunther said...

Phenomenal photos!!!!!!

Such fun!!!!!

Mrs. T said...

Fabulous! That's EXACTLY what I want to do. Did they do the whole play, uncut and unedited, or was there some shortening and rewriting involved?

MacBeth Derham said...

Mrs. T.,

This was an unabridged, full cast/full script production.

Two years ago, we did Milton's Comus. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the children, we tried an abridged version of Midsummer Night's Dream...but the kids rejected the abridgment, so we did the whole play. Twelfth Night is the third production for the Front Lawn Players. I hope to post some video soon. It does take a lot of work, but the children really make it seem easy....after about 2 1/2 months rehearsal! Our director is top-notch, too--a classically-trained dancer with an eye for the visual elements, and a ear for the delivery!

molly said...

Very fun! We do plays here, nothing as "professional" as you all. Great photos, thanks for the peak into your productions.