Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shakespeare in the Spring

We are deep into rehearsal for Twelfth Night, and having great fun working out the blocking, props, last minute tongue tangles, and all the rest of the delicious intricacies that one encounters when performing Shakespeare. Here are a few photos of our intrepid "Front Lawn Players" (because, when they are not rehearsing, the cast is playing ball on the front lawn...):

Olivia and Viola joke around...

...and get serious in Act 3.

Sir Andrew makes a dramatic entrance.

The director gives advice to Sir Toby as Viola and Antonio look on.

And we are not the only ones! Buzzing about the blogosphere, we find that Mrs. T is blogging Julius Caesar, and The Bookworm is in Stratford! Even Ignatius Insight is talking about the Bard (with Joseph Pearce!).

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