Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Signs Along the Way

Shovel ready!

Could that be his real name?

A tempting stop.

That creature offering me coffee is a bit of a nightmare.


Caves are cool!

Lots of Indians selling things.


Caves are good hideouts.

That's innovation.

Do they Bar-B-Q Hicks?

Looking for him all my life.

Biggest bra billboard I have ever seen.  Only bra billboard, too.

Running bourbon?

Must be...

Unitarian Universalists must exit.

I bet this place sucks.

This sign should be more widely displayed.

CANDY!!!  (Yes, we stopped!)


tgmagazine said...

Some of those are just too funny! Love the vacuum museum! I also agree that the 'control' sign should be everywhere. In fact, my husband would probably like to hand out cards or pamphlets with that on it to several of the residents of Baltimore City... Heather

Homeschool Connections said...

My old stomping grounds! I hope you took advantage of all the cool free stuff in St. Louis. Awesome art museum, science museum and zoo all free!

Homeschool Connections said...

Oops, I should log out of HC and into Maureen before commenting on blogs!

MicheleQ said...

Nah we know who you are Maureen. ;) Cools signs MacB!

Donna Marie NJ said...

Funny! I enjoyed these, and your humor! Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

I want to go to AH! Borrowing the government billboard!

MacBeth Derham said...

Seriously, Maureen. No guessing. ;) Unfortunately, we were driving through, and did not have time to stop. Maybe next time (I always say that) we can stop at more museums, visit friends, etc.).

AH does sound like fun, doesn't it?

paula said...

The bra museum is in Chesterfield!