Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New CCD Class

Twice the size of last year's class! Eek! 18 kids who know nearly nothing about being Catholic! And just to put the pressure on, the DRE had the new priest from Poland sit in on my class. Luckily, my middle kids are my assistants for the year.

The first day of class is typically chaotic. With 18 children in the class, it may take a while to learn all the names, so I gave them an assessment to find out what they know. There's nothing like asking 18 4th graders the name of their parish in front of a priest and having only two students get the answer right. Not one knew the name of our pastor. No one knew the name of the pope. One student insisted that a different pope was at Mass each week. Another student insisted that the Pope stopped by for a CYO volleyball game last week. No one knew the name of our bishop. Father began whispering the answers to the students, and the students loved it! It was actually sweet to see them turn to him for the answers.

On the encouraging side, they all knew what sacraments they had received. Whew.

Next week is the opening Mass for the CCD students. The week after that, the fun really begins. Ahhh!


Almamater said...

God bless you, MacBeth!

Kimberlee said...

You must be one very, very patient woman!

MacBeth Derham said...

Thanks, almamater ;) .

I'm trying, Kimberlee!!

Cay G. said...

Sounds like my 4th grade class, Macbeth. Except I only have half that size class.