Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Brother Pete Came By

We met up with him at a pub called "Trinity." Well, at least his girlfriend looks good!

We drove to my brother Tom's house, where Pete played "babaloo" and put his feet on the table. I wonder what great-great-great grandfather Robert Faulkner (pictured in portrait) would have thought. He and Pete seem to have similar hairstyles.

Tom and his lovely wife played music, and we sang.

Annika contemplates bar tending.

Pete plays a round of our favorite game: Make Trip Laugh. (Similar to the long-running game show, Make Joan Baez Smile)

We have a winner! During the "Speed Dial" round, in which the contestant must press a random button on a cell phone that is handed to him, Pete got our mother, who was on her way to Alaska, on the phone (she was sleeping in Seattle). With encouragement from Paul, Pete pretended to be Trip as he asked "Grannie" to come home now and make him a cake. Yes, he made Trip (and the rest of us) laugh!


Alice Gunther said...

LOL, your family is hilarious!

Leonie said...

Oh, I love the pics!