Monday, September 1, 2008

The Last Day of Pool

There is nothing quite as sad as the last day of swimming in the beach club pool. A crowd gathers, the whistle blows, and everyone jumps in for one last swim before the pool is evacuated. Some linger after closing, hoping for one brave lad or lass to jump the fence and hop in (or, "pool hop" as it's called) after the pool is closed...but a new policy and a strong police presence prevents anyone from indulging this year.

P tries to convince T to jump in one last time.

Everybody out!

The saddest face of summer.

A and friend S lament the closing of the pool.

T takes one last look as the sun sets over the pool.

Luckily for the homeschoolers among us, the beach club is open until Columbus Day, and the ocean will be warm, and the sand will remain perfect for sandcastles!

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