Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Just Can't Concentrate

Things are crazy here. We had a major incident on a rental property we own (no one injured, thank God!), and now, the new dog is in heat (which is, actually, much more stressful). That was never a problem when I was a kid. But then, we did not have an uneutered male dog in the house. Of all the stupid things...Indy won't stop barking, and we must keep them apart. As an afterthought, I called a local neuter clinic, but they won't touch a 10 year old dog. We cannot have Circe spayed until this whole ordeal is over.

On the other hand, at least this is the first full week of outside-the-house activities! It turns out, though, that when we are not home, Indy stops barking. The good thing is that while he is sequestered in the cellar, no one can hear him...outside the house. If the weather holds, we can do all our school work out there. If it begins to rain, forget it.

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Lindsay said...

MacBeth, if you are serious about having the male dog neutered, your vet (rather than the clinic)can probably do it. Years ago, my 11 year old dog was having "man troubles" of the same sort and at the same as President Reagan, and they had to have similar operations. With the dog, neutering was always included. (I imagine the President was glad that wasn't part of the human package!) Anyway, the dog recovered quite well and lived to the ripe old age of 17. Just a thought.