Friday, September 12, 2008

Derham the Astronomer?

You never know what you might stumble across in the internet. I Just found "Derham's Catalog of 16 Nebulous Stars" online, published in 1733. It turns out that 12 of the 16 objects listed don't exist, but kept Messier looking for a while!! Too funny.

Funnier still, my kids already knew about William Derham the astronomer and Anglican clergyman. "Oh,yeah," said Paul. "He did some work on the speed of sound, too." Ah, the internet.

Of course, there's no evidence at the moment that he is any relation of my dh, but the fact that he was an astronomer, clergyman, physician, and Chaplain to the Prince of Wales is enough to make anyone bearing the name of Derham proud.

Also, what a great beginning to a deep-space astronomy lesson!

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Paula in MN said...

When you need fodder for a history or geography lesson, have them find out about Derham Hall, St. Paul, MN -- my Alma Mater.