Monday, September 29, 2008

Chaminade in the NY Times

UNLIKE most Roman Catholic schools in the New York area, which embrace students regardless of their religion, Chaminade High School here requires a baptismal certificate to register.

“No exception,” said the Rev. James C. Williams, a cherub-faced priest who is the school’s president. “We advertise that pretty clearly because this is who we are. I don’t have room for all the Catholics who want to be here.”

Indeed, more than 1,600 boys from as far as Manhattan and Westchester County applied last year for 425 freshman seats at Chaminade, which many consider one of Long Island’s premier private schools and a relative bargain at $6,660 a year. Chaminade, founded in 1930 and now the Island’s only all-boys Catholic school, has thrived by staying unabashedly Catholic and traditional.

Traditional...Except the music for Mass, apparently. The reporter hears "Here I am, Lord" in the hall--the Glee Club preparing for Mass. Ugh. But overall, it's a positive article about a great school.

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Gen X Revert said...

Chaminade is not traditional at all in some respects - music at Mass, no latin at Mass, modern chapel, but it is a good and solidly Catholic High School.