Saturday, August 16, 2008

Double, Supernumerary!

The view as we left church after Mass this evening:

That's our church, St. Hedwig's, on the left. Here's a bit of info on Supernumerary Rainbows. If you look carefully under the arc of the primary rainbow, you can see a few extra bands of color.

And yes, even at Mass, I had my camera!!

ETA: Here are the rest of the photos.


MaryM said...

That is pretty amazing. My first thougth was - "she ahd her camera at church?" - so glad you cleared that up!

MacBeth Derham said...

Actually, the camera was in the car during Mass. I figured that I was unlikely to see anything unusual there. ;) But when folks were leaving you could hear them gasping in the parking lot as they saw the sky over the church. It was worth a photo or two!!

Jennifer said...

Fabulous photo! I carry my camera to church too, MacBeth, but usually INTO church as well. I figure it'll get way too hot for it locked up inside the car down here.

Spinneretta said...

Great pictures! I actually knew what you meant because DS is really 'into' weather right now! In fact he was given a membership to the 'Cloud Appreciation Society'
as an early birthday present by my parents :)
When he comes in, I promised he could look at these (he was impressed that it was a DOUBLE supernumarary!