Monday, August 25, 2008

College Days

Well, orientation, anyway. Sunday was move in day, and the consensus is that it's less traumatic to send your child to college 45 minutes away than to send her to Colorado for 9 weeks every summer. Actually, it was fun. Here are some highlights:

A tiny room! Libby's roommate brought her siblings (the same ages as our kids) with her, and five girls in the room was just too much. It's a good thing we left Libby's sibs at home. The girls both have loft beds with little head room:

But the rooms are efficiently equipped. To accent the lovely decor, the new roommates bought a floor, how many college freshmen and sisters does it take to put together a lamp? All of them, apparently, but it looks great when they finish. It's fun and bendy!

What the rooms lack in space, they make up for in view...note the lovely ongoing construction site that used to be the pools, fountains and plaza of Lincoln Center:

The project should be done soon. On the other hand, or rather, out the other window, there's a lovely view of the Hudson River, though it was a bit hazy today:

Two more views--Fordham's Lincoln Center Campus and Law School:

And a view of a tiny sliver of central park in the distance:

The interior of the school is nearing completion, and it looks promising. The new lobby, though the stairway is still blocked off, has a state-of-the-art security desk in a lovely cherry wood, and check out those new-fangled electronic styles! No more fussing with getting instruments and bags through the old fashioned turn-styles. Now you can just pass the colorful sensor:

So, we left her in her own little slice of NYC, and all is well. More orientation this week, placement tests, then registration and classes!

I'll end with a few quotes:

Every time an elevator opened the first day, a chorus of voices screamed, "Hi Liz!!" to Libby. I think she knows everyone.

Overheard, when Libby was not with us, from one boy to another: "Hi! How are you? Remember me? I'm Liz's friend!" And yes, he did mean our "Liz."

Libby to me on our way into the president's reception: "I have the best life!! Thanks Mom!"

Yeah, sending her to college is easy. I can't wait until she comes home.


Alice Gunther said...


Though I won't ever get used to Liz! : )

MacBeth Derham said...

Me grandmother hated to be called "Liz" so I swore I'd never call her that; thus, "Libby." But somehow, it suits her when we hear her classmates scream her name!