Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Properties

The second lecture/lab of our geology class:  Properties 2, magnetism and conductivity.
We began with a scavenger hunt, looking for materials to test.  The list suggested rocks, but it also included some natural materials, including grass, leaves, twigs, and more.

Lessons learned:  Metals conduct electricity.  Some metals and alloys are attracted to a magnet, but not all. Most other things do not conduct electricity.

Big lesson:  A negative result is as worthwhile as a positive result.

Some highlights in photos:

Selecting some test specimens.

The magnet and specimens
The test site for conductivity:  Switch, C cell, light and clips.  The specimen will complete the circuit. 

Wax does not conduct.

Data collection is neat and organized.

Do leaves conduct?


But aluminum foil does!

 Next session:  Testing rocks and minerals for hardness, streak, etc.  By the time we are done, identifying rocks and minerals will be a simple, practical exercise.

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