Tuesday, August 17, 2010

High School Summer Program Survey

If you had a high school student who participated in a summer program for high school students, Catholic or secular, would you be willing to have the student answer a few questions about the program? I am writing an article for mater et magistra, and while I can find out lots from the colleges and other institutions which sponsor such programs, it would be so much more informative to have student experiences documented as well. While I am not looking for information about general summer "camp" experiences, I will include answers from non-collegiate programs that are specific to an art or science.

Students may list their names, or remain anonymous. Ages or grade levels would be helpful to our readers.

You can email your answers to me at macbeth at optonline dot net ! Thanks!!

Here is the survey:

Name (optional):
Age/Grade level at the time of the program:
Do you homeschool?
Name of college or institution and summer program:
Religious (Catholic?) or secular:
Day or overnight:
How far did you travel for the program?:
How long was the program?:
Scholarships available?
Was there recreation outside of class time?

Please list/describe all classes you took:

Please rate the following using numbers 1-5, with 1 as "poor" and 5 as "excellent":

Overall experience:
Quality of instruction:
Housing (if applicable):
Staff or Counselors:
Security (did you feel safe?):

Please add anything you'd like to say about the program (favorite part, what you'd improve, or whatever you think might be helpful for a student looking for a program like the one you attended).


fedsped said...

Declan has attended the Shakespeare Lab Jr. program at the Public Theater in Manhattan--it is free for NYC high school students. If anyone would like more information I'd be glad to send it along.

MacBeth Derham said...

Yes, please! That would be great!