Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Books, Originally found at MacBeth's Opinion

Trip at sunset, Martha's Vineyard

Summer is traditionally "time off" from school. But of course, learning takes place all the time. Here are some suggestions for summer learning without worksheets or burdensome lessons:

New! Have a Moominsummer with the Moomintrolls!

  • Visit unusual places

Storybook Travels will take you on a virtual tour (or a real one if you like) to places like Hannibal MO, London, NYC, California's Channel Islands, and more--over 30 destinations from your favorite stories.

We found Gepetto's workshop in Italy with this book!

Also: How the Heather Looks: A Joyous Journey to the British Sources of Children's Books Like the title says...beautiful narrative. Read how the author tracks down the elusive Arthur Ransome and finds out where Swallows and Amazons really takes place.

  • catch frogs or toads

Read about a famous literary frog!

  • pick berries (be careful of bears!)

Sal finds blueberries, and her mother, in Maine

The famous pig gets back to nature

  • grow a bean teepee

  • climb trees (maybe a famous tree!)

  • sit under a shady tree on a sunny day

  • hike (bring water)

  • look under a rock

  • catch fireflies

  • listen in the evening--what birds sing last?

East, Central: West:

  • wade

  • hike to an island at low tide

Libby and Annika with cousins Kelsey and Brianna on "private" island

  • dry seaweed/pondweed on blotter paper and frame it...or eat it!

  • visit a lighthouse

or spend the night in a lighthouse!!

  • race snails, feed snails, eat snails!

  • watch a spider spin its web and catch dinner

  • run under the sprinkler (plain or fancy)

  • look for rainbows

  • walk on dew-covered grass in bare feet

  • roll down a hill

  • learn to sail

  • walk along a railroad (carefully!) or stone wall

  • look for geodes

  • Imagine! (Finnish Troll Tales are the best for any season!)

Looking for more traditional games? Try these:

  • build a ropes course

  • Camp!

Non-fiction and reference books for summer learning and activities:

The Complete Book of Decorative Knots includes lanyard knots (remember summer camp?) and much more! Great rainy day activity.

Cooking in the Outdoors A good, basic guide.

The Field and Forest Handybook Follow up to the Boys' Handy Book

The Outdoor Handy Book: For Playground Field and Forest More from Dan Beard

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More Summer books? Click here!

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