Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Kitchen in Action

Trip tries his hand at eggs, and does well, which just goes to prove that children who are cooking-deprived as children can develop the skills required to excel in the kitchen as late as teen-hood.

Cleaning, however, has a very narrow learning window...oh well.
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Alice Gunther said...


And I'm still loving the yellow.

Laura A said...

Congratulations on getting the kitchen finished. That's many a New Yorker's worst nightmare, and you've braved it. May you eat share many enjoyable meals together!

Laura A said...

Oh, while I'm at it, do you have a favorite kind of stove? I may need to buy one (30" gas), and of course, being carless, it will have to be a delivered to Manhattan.

I just figured you'd have an opinion. I hope this doesn't sound like spam!

MacBeth Derham said...

Hey Laura...I like the Viking, but after I bought it, I heard some bad things about the oven ignitors not lasting. I have my fingers crossed. For a small space, my brother really likes his GE monogram range. I have seen some pretty awful products from GE, but apparently the ranges are quite good.

I replaced the old and shockingly dangerous (literally) electric range that was here when we moved in. I had always had gas in other houses and apartments, so I had the gas line moved to accommodate the new range. I love it--so easy to use, and east to control.

Laura A said...

Ah, I've been reading about those Viking ranges today--very nice! I'm also reading that the GEs are good. Thanks!