Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Avogadro the Avacado

Poor Avogadro the avocado plant. Every year, I wait until the weather is warm, and move the 4 year old tree to the back yard for the summer. This year, I put it outside, and didn't notice that it really needed more soil, and probably a bigger pot. One windy evening, the tree blew over. And I forgot about it. A week or so later, wondering what had happened, I went outside in search of the tree. It was so dry that not a leaf remained green. I set the tree upright, without much hope, and added a good deal of potting soil to the pot. I watered Avogadro, and hoped for the best.

Here is what it looks like today:

The best is what happened. New sprouts, everywhere!

There's even a sprout on the branch:

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Jennifer said...

Hooray for resiliency!