Thursday, June 19, 2008

When They Grow Up

Libby's new room.

With Libby gone, Annika is taking advantage of her new-found space. First, she moved Libby's bed to the hallway, calling the hallway "Libby's new room." "After all, "Annika continued, "Libby will only be here a few days before she goes to college." There is just enough space for the bed, and it has a nice closet. Annika decorated the wall with a sarong from Bali. There is a window and an overhead light. A small desk attaches to the side of the bed. She made the bed, and put pillows and stuffed animals on the end. It actually works. The puppy likes it.

Then she went through the clothes, choosing which of Libby's things she likes the best. She has promised to keep all borrowed items in good condition. Extra blankets and sleeping bags are hung neatly in the cedar closet, along with winter sweaters, recital dresses, and other rarely-used items.

She organized all other items, and set up a desk for herself, with an electric keyboard for composing nearby, and plenty of room for school work. Pencils and pens, art supplies and manuscript paper are all organized well. She has a recorder collection, and I heard the sound of recorder music wafting through the house every time she took a break. She hung scarves on either side of her doorway, left and right, on sun and star curtain rod holders, for a very elegant entryway. There are maps and original artwork on the slanted walls (it's an attic room).

She organized the two built in book cases with dolls on one level, and books on the rest of the shelves. But after all the books were organized...There was no room for the CDs and tapes. This is how I can tell she is growing up: She filled her old wooden doll cradle with the CDs. Well, they fit...sort of, and it's a bit of a design statement.



Paula in MN said...

This weekend my dd9 is moving into her own room downstairs. She has been planning and packing for two weeks...sniff,sniff

Alice Gunther said...

They do grow up fast! Too fast!