Saturday, June 28, 2008

Granny's House

No matter how old the kids are, they enjoy visiting with Granny. Today was no exception!

They took a dip in the pool.

The horse-next-door came over to say "hello," and to nibble on the day-lilies!

They had a bit of target practice...

"Lock and Load"

Clothespins make great targets!

This one is shot clear through.
(A rifle-woman should always keep her nails well-manicured for close-ups.)

They thought wind-chimes might be excellent targets too, and they were!
Wind-chimes give you a nice melodic "ping-dong-ding" when hit.

And no trip to Granny's is complete without running out to the ice-cream man ;)


Alice Gunther said...

I thought it was my house at first!

'Til I saw the guns!

:) :) :)

MacBeth Derham said...

We could always come over and take care of any masked varmints you might have in your yard, Alice ;) .