Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cue Hall & Oats

She's Gone.

(No, don't. It's a dreadful song.) ;)


An early drive to the airport for a flight this morning, a quick "goodbye" in the car, and that's it. She should be nearing her destination 'bout now.

Sometimes motherhood is so bittersweet. This is her third year going to the music festival, but this time, when she comes home, she'll be coming home to her college dorm room, not her bedroom at home. I think that's the difference this year. Also, she turns 18 while she is away.

So we sit here, considering the price of gas vs. seeing her sometime over the summer.

I think I'll go clean her room.


Elizabeth Foss said...

Ouch. The room cleaning thing is very cathartic. I highly recommend it. Crank the CD player (not Hall and Oates and not anything that's *her* song, which might be challenging in your case;-). Shut the door and feel free to cry. Hard. And at the end of the day, know that you have friends who understand how much this hurts.

donna said...

Took me several weeks to be able to walk past Stevie's room without crying after she left. Her room just seemed so empty even though many of her things remained.

Have to do it again in August; motherhood is bittersweet.

Keeping you and your dear Libby in my prayers.

~cactus mouse~ said...

hugs & prayers. I have 10 weeks until my girl heads off to college. I am so in denial.

Janette said...

Oh, ya'll are making me so sad! The time flies by too quickly. :-(

Cay G. said...

Thinking of you and Libby today, MacBeth. Here's a (((HUG))).