Monday, March 17, 2008

Coffee Soda, Served Warm

This is not a recipe. It was an accident. I must be sicker than I think. I poured some seltzer into a mug and took a sip with a couple of Advil. A few minutes later, I decided to make some coffee-in-a-bag (note to purists: It's dreadful, but it's quick. I keep it on hand for times when the coffee press is waiting to be washed). Seeing what appeared to be half a cup of water sitting on the table, but having forgotten about the seltzer, I topped if off with water, set the coffee bag into the mug, and microwaved it a bit.

The result was a dark, frothy mess. So I added cream and sugar and drank it. Waste not...

It was really strange and bubbly. Like a hot Manhattan Special, light and sweet.

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Alice Gunther said...


Thank goodness you make a better brew here.