Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beethoven's Hearing

I think I know what it was like. I have a cold that has settled neatly in my ears in the form of fluid, and I was listening to a Beethoven Sonata tonight. It was unbearably muffled; I could not hear most of the range of the music, but only had bits and pieces come to me clearly. I think I get it now, in a whole different way than a hearing person does.

I have always thought I would rather be blind than deaf. It frightens me to lose even some of my hearing...hopefully, this fluid will drain, and I'll be back to normal soon.

I like this painting because it resembles my living room. The cello leaning against a bench; sheet music is covering the piano and floor, in piles or strewn haphazardly; the afternoon light coming in the windows--just like home! Only there are no composers here. Unless they are Haydn.


Kimberlee said...

Don't worry if the composers are Haydn - they'll soon be Bach. You could even make a Liszt of them! Hope you feel (hear) better soon.

MacBeth Derham said...

Hehe. I so deserved that, Kimberlee. Composer jokes. Hehe.