Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Cody WY, not far from the East entrance to Yellowstone, seemed like a good place to have lunch. The restaurant had a sign board with local information...including a notice that the east entrance to Yellowstone was closed due to fire. Don rerouted us through Montana to the north east entrance. This put us in Yellowstone just before sunset, but our campsite was well to the south, so we did not get to set up camp until around 9pm, at dusk. No problem!

But our journey into the park was full of wildlife. The first thing was saw as we drove in was a herd of bison. Many of the bison were in the road, and there were young light brown calves everywhere! Later on our visit, we would see a video of people and cars being attacked by these animals which now seemed so calm as we drove by them.

We also saw some elk that first day. They also seemed so harmless!

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Diane said...

Ah, Yellowstone. Isn't it amazing? We spent a week in late June, camping by the lake, and the weather was absolutely perfect.

My only complaint: too many people! Next time I think we'll try Glacier.