Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wild Monthly Archive

I had forgotten that this was still online.  Some of the links are broken, and some seem quirky with Chrome...but here they are, and they will remain in the left sidebar.  Here's  sample from the March newsletter:

 The young man (it turned out that he was a university student studying Mayan culture) who had been standing by the tree spoke in halting, unclear English, but we got the idea—he was a guide, his name was Juan, and for a price he would give us the tour of El Rey.  He and my husband negotiated a price, and we set off to explore the ruins in a one hour tour with Juan.  As we ended the tour, our guide told us he could not answer any questions because he had already told us all he knew about the site, but he asked us a question: 
“Are you familiar with cab?” 
We looked at each other and said, “Yes.”
“I will catch a cab!”  And off he went past the edge of the ruins...

Head over to the list, and see if there isn't a unit for you.

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