Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More than 15--Unschooling Add-Ons from the Comments

Well, clearly, the 15 things were not at all comprehensive, and some are unique to my homeschool.  More than one person reminded me that a kitchen is a good idea.  Heh.  Yes.  Much unschooling goes on in the kitchen!  A garden is also indispensable, but any backyard (or even a fire-escape) can be made into an unschooling space...even if you do no landscaping at all.  I do have another page of backyard suggestions here.

Helen suggested I add arts and crafts.  Ah, if only I were craftier!  Alas, while I do have a few fun standard crafts I have done (paper-making, paper lanterns, dipped candles...) I am the least crafty unschooler on the planet.  Those who knit amaze me.  Those who quilt are beyond my feeble comments.  And the same goes for any number of craft skills that take more than an hour or two.  But, yes, crafts--especially useful ones--provide perfect and natural unschooling moments.

Kimberlee would have me add tea, and I agree...but I am not a tea fan.  If you are, by all means, make tea a ritual in your unschooling life.  For me, it's coffee.  And I do love coffee.  Without it there would not be any homeschooling of any kind going on.  And in the evening?  Wine.  Or a margarita.  Ah.  Yes.  And if you visit, I will share a glass with you and wax eloquent about unschooling.

She also suggests silence, and I agree.  And making a fire using flint and steel.  Sure!  Or a bow drill!  But hey, I figured the list was just basics.  We can get into specifics as we get to know each other better.  But Kimberlee knows me pretty well by now.  Do visit her amazing blog.  And crafty?  Her blog is a place to find beauty.

If I could add one more thing, it would be...a camera.  Many tablet and phone devices have cameras, but invest in a good one, and keep it with you.  These days of digital imaging make photography more affordable, so investing in a high end camera is a good idea.

Next up...why Shakespeare?  Stay tuned!


Helenrr said...

Well MacBeth, :) you don't have to _do_ the crafts or art, just have stuff available... let the kiddos go!! I have books and now we have the internet with a gazillion sites to explore and have fun with..

MacBeth Derham said...

Well that's true, Helen. The girls lie to knit, and the boys always liked to make 3-D models and such. Just don't ask me to oversee any grand planned project!

Anonymous said...

It's uncrafting, MacBeth! I say we coin a term. I think it would be fruitful too to discuss what is absent in unschooling. What is the role of media in the home etc? Sometimes what you subtract is as crucial as what you provide. (not that my home is exemplary in that regard)

Now since I have rather un-Shakespeare'd over the years I am off to read that one. ; )