Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deeper Nature Study: Winogradsky Update

Last time, we had just set up our columns, and were waiting patiently to see what would grow.  5 days into the project, and here are the before and after photos for A and P's jar:

Day 1

Day 5

As you can see, things are growing!  The muck is blacker, and the blackness has spread to the gravel just below the muck level.  Surprisingly, the egg yolk is not attracting much growth--yet--though the egg shell has a fine black mist over it.  The water at the top of the jar is a bit cloudy.

Check back in a few days for more.  Hey, and if you have a Winogradsky column of your own, send along a few shots, and I'll put them on!

And speaking of things growing in jars...I just made my first batch of cranberry/pomegranate "wine" using this kit:

 Hey, it worked!  The results are less dramatic, but much tastier.

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