Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clucking in Church

We walked into the chapel at TAC for a look and a prayer.  There was one student kneeling in a pew, and the three of us, T, L and I, instinctively sat on the other side so as not to disturb her.  We chose a pew in the Catholic way...not too close, but not too far, and knelt for our own silent prayers....

I think I heard the other person leave.

Suddenly, in the quiet of that place, I got an urge.  Oh, I tried to suppress it, I really did, but the desire grew in my mind.  In that very silent space, hearing nothing but the sound of my silly mind, I had the urge to make a clucking sound with my know,  just to test the acoustics.  I am sure you will all be happy to hear...

I resisted.

Suddenly, next to me (and I won't say which of my offspring it was who did it), I heard a "cluck."

The chapel has great acoustics.

Angelic guardians of the acoustics.
I hope the confessionals are soundproofed.


Kimberlee said...

Oh, that's too funny! Isn't it a riot when we exert such restraint, only to be outed by our kids. (Eliza always tests the acoustics in a church or similar space with a few robust ah ah ah's)

Almamater said...

My husband always tests the acoustics of an empty church with a series of loud claps. Once it turned out he wasn't alone...someone in the dim church, somewhere below the choir loft echoed his claps several minutes later. Creepy.