Saturday, September 26, 2009

Removing Mirrors

This diningroom project, a follow-up to the kitchen project, is getting more detailed than I expected. I was just going to paint, move furniture, improve window treatments, and give the floor a quick refinish. T decided to remove the three 8 foot tall wall mirrors that covered one wall. Underneath is some truly dreadful depression-era wall paper, and a window! Of course, we knew the window was can see it from the outside of the house, but we did not realize that it would need molding and a windowsill to make it really work. So, instead of simply painting and moving on, I have to measure and figure out how to do something new.

I shall probably paint over the wall paper, as it is very thin and seems to be pasted right onto the plaster. Removing it would be difficult.

The real issue is the big mirrors. T has them leaning slightly against one of the (many) tall bookshelves that I emptied in order to sort through the I cannot move the mirrors (too heavy) and I am not sure where to put them. T is going to offer them on Craig's List. Fine. Just get them out of here. The books are on a bench waiting to be sorted and replaced into some logical order.

More thoughts on book-sorting later.


Lindsay said...

Oh, Macbeth -- it's been a while but I remember my dad (a builder) talking about what an incredible mess it was dealing with walls that had wallpaper that had been painted over. The message was clear -- DON'T DO IT! You'll be sorry, as the little kids say. Hope this reached you in time! Best wishes on your remodeling!

MacBeth Derham said...

I have not started to paint yet...oh, how I dread removing wall paper, but it's only one short wall. Some of it is begining to come off, and I do have a bottle of remover. It's just that it's paper! The other walls all had some kind of vinyl covering that peeled right off. But thanks for the advice. It's a humid day (what's new?) so maybe I'll tackle wall paper removal this afternoon.