Friday, July 31, 2009

Books From the FCL Conference Talk

Oh, catching up with life, as usual.

I had a few requests (well, one, actually) for a list of the books I mentioned during my talk at Michele's lovely conference last weekend (I understand the CDs are available here, or will be soon). So, here's a quick list with links to Amazon included:

The Passionate Observer
Fabre's Insects
The Wouldbegoods
The Hobbit
How The Heather Looks
Real Learning (link is to Hillside, where this book is in stock!)
At The Back of the North Wind

Also of interest to those looking to hunt down the outdoor settings of favorite books:
Storybook Travels
Heidi's Alp


Lindsay said...

Thanks so much! (It was me, but I'm sure it will be of use to others as well, except they probably took notes, lol).

Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

I'm glad you asked, Lindsay, because I wanted a list, too. Thanks for typing this up, MacBeth, and for your great talks.