Monday, May 4, 2009

An Amazing Weekend!

Yeah, I was a bit busy...Trip's high school string orchestra played Friday night. They opened with the Largo movement from Dvořák's New World Symphony. Catholics might recognize this as the tune to "Jesus Christ, Bread of Life." The violas had the melody for most of it, so Trip, as the leader of his section, was easily heard. They played a few other pieces, all emphasizing the lower strings, which is the strength of the orchestra.

Saturday morning was the SAT exam. How did he do? Who knows? We'll see in a few weeks.

The exam was followed by YME rehearsal. After his rehearsal, we went to see Prof. Kreeft speak on modernism. Wonderful. Shortly after that, I went into Juilliard to see a composer's recital (pre-college). I was so impressed with the students. Libby had coached one of the groups, and they were really amazing, and the piece was lovely.

But there was no time for dinner after the recital...we were off to Carnegie to see the Chicago Symphony play Bruchner 8. 5 full minutes of standing ovation--well-deserved. We were going to see my brother performing with his band on the east side, but we were exhausted. At home, we needed some sleep, since...

The next morning we went to the Catholic League communion breakfast, which featured keynote speaker...Prof. Kreeft. That was great, since Libby is a fan, and had not heard his talk on Saturday.

Later, after Libby taught for a few hours, we went to the evening Mass at our local parish and sang. Then I drove her back to school. When I got home, she had left a message that her ID and keys were in the car. Yup. I'll have to buzz in there in the morning.

Time for bed!


Chris said...

Hey, we saw you at K-Berg! But you were waaaay on the other side of the room. Dr. Kreeft's talk was amazing and I am looking forward to reading his book.
What a great weekend you all had!

Laura A said...

Good old Dvorak, the viola player! C.Z. played a Dorvak piece for violin and piano this weekend too. But I think you had an even busier music-fest that we did.

And that's great that you got to hear Peter Kreeft! I like his books.

I think the only cure for leaving keys in the car must be experience. I used to do that now and then when I was in college. That police-unlock fee hurt.