Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lost in Atlas Shrugged

I cannot CANNOT believe that I was ever afraid to read Atlas Shrugged, based on the size of the book. Also, in high school, we had a choice of English electives senior year, and I chose creative writing over whatever-the-other-class-was-called, and missed the assigned reading of AS.

It's wonderful. I am cheating a bit by listening via Audible rather than reading most of the time--I spend a good deal of time in the car, and I hate to waste time, so audio books help, but I'll dig out a hard copy to read in the evening.

The reader, Paul pointed out when he was listening a bit while waiting in the car with me this afternoon, sounds like Lost's nefarious Ben Linus (Mr. Emerson is not the reader, but it does sound like him)...

Me: Yes. He has a very pleasant voice that's easy to listen to, doesn't he?

Paul: That's just what he wants you to think.

For the record, Libby worked on a project with Mr. Emerson's wife last year, and met him while he was running out to get milk...she says he seems nice. As Paul would say, "Sure."

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