Monday, February 9, 2009

Wireman in the Range

Budget kitchen was fun to put together (look at that $29 backsplash!!), but since we bought the range used, with no warranty, it did need work. I did some research and knew exactly what it needed--ignitors, the one major complaint of Viking owners. The old ignitors worked poorly, and the left oven ignitor and broiler ignitor did not work at all. No big deal...head to eBay, find the product (new and improved), order a few at a big discount, and have Wireman install them:

And boy, when you are working with large appliances, wearing an argyle pullover is so much nicer looking than a sensible t-shirt or coverall. Right?

Later, Wireman was seen (sans pullover) attaching a counter-top to a there anything Wireman can't do?


Jennifer in TX said...

Can Wireman come to my house and install new electrical outlets in most of the rooms of my house? I promise good food and even better conversation! :)

MacBeth Derham said...

Only if he could bring his cello. ;)

Hey, he can wire anything, I truly believe. Maybe he'll apply to Rice, and you guys could borrow him for a weekend! I bet he'd love it.