Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Not Politics; It's Social Studies with the Kids

Before you watch tonight's address on TV with the kids, head over to The American Spectator and download their O-Bingo cards. I suppose those who are over 21 might want to make it a drinking game...but be careful:

This soon to be timeless game includes such memorable Obama phrases like "let me be clear", "vulnerable Americans", and who can forget the classic "toxic assets".

Makes me wish we watched TV.


Debbie said...

I tried watching the speech/campaing stump, as I had nothing better to do than sit with my leg propped on a chair and a bag of ice on my strained MCL (i.e. knee ligaments), but my dear husband and darling children kept interrupting the CinC (that's Navy talk for Commander-in-Chief)'s speech with their umbrage and outrage. But perhaps I'll try to take him at his word and volunteer at my local school to help make the world a better place. Oh, wait. I do volunteer at my local school. Everyday. 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. It's called HOMESCHOOL.

Bingo would've been more fun.

Debbie said...

spelling oops: meant to say "campaign."