Monday, February 9, 2009

The Finished Kitchen

Prep table and backsplash installed...

Breakfast bar, keeping the white-and-stainless theme, is on the other side of the room...I guess it's not quite done yet...this photo was taken before all the chairs were purchased, and a tall steel book shelf, replacing the short-but-too-wide one seen here) is now on the right, but missing from the photo. Poor Avogadro (plant, left), stuck behind boxes in a spare room during all the construction, is struggling to come back from yet another accidental drought. I predict a complete recovery.

The last detail (for now): A photo triptych of pub scenes, featuring my brothers, Trip, and me, in what some folks have called my natural environment (thanks, Mel, for the framed photos!). Note the lighting effect, courtesy of the flexible track lighting that Wireman installed.

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