Sunday, May 25, 2008


See the rest of the photos here.

ETA: You know, it looks like a regular high school graduation, but Libby has always been homeschooled. This is the graduation ceremony for the pre-college students at the conservatory she attended on Saturdays during her high school years. Just wanted to clear that up!

And for the record, I almost held it together. The plan was simple: I was NOT going to cry! I knew she was graduating with Honors (she had been nominated for the junior/senior honors seminar in her sophomore year, and had enjoyed the college-level class), but when they called her name for one of nine surprise awards for Outstanding Achievement as well (one of only three students out of the 90 members of the class to get both), I totally cried. A lot. It was embarrassing.

Libby didn't cry; she was too nervous about tripping over the gown.

Afterwards, the final orchestra concert was received well--a rare standing ovation. Congratulations to all the graduates!!!


Maureen Wittmann said...

Congratulations Mom! And Libby too :-)

Len & Heather said...

The best laid plans, huh?
Please send our congratulations to Libby. Well done!!!
Heather and the rest of the Giambalvos

Paula in MN said...

Congratulations! What a proud moment for all of you, and a little bittersweet, too. You have a lovely family!

Mark and Lisa said...

Congratatulations, Libby! As far as the embarrassment of crying at a major emotional event like your oldest child's graduation goes, MacBeth, I'm sure my kids can regale you with stories that might give you a different perspective. I cry way too easily at almost anything, such as when I hear a favorite hymn, catch a glimpse of a beloved priest, look through old photos, read certain passages in books or, according to my oh-so-funny dh, think of warm Jell-O. ;-)

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

I cried reading this! How could you not cry attending? She's lovely, poised, talented, smart as a whip, charming, kind and gentle. She deserves all good things and she will make a beautiful mark on this world.

Congratulations Libby dear, the Barretts are proud of you.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Wonderful - Congratulations!!!

stef said...

Congratulations Libby, from all of us!!

Alice Gunther said...

Libby is absolutely amazing!

I would have cried too!

Cay G. said...

You certainly look like the proud Momma. :)

I agree with Mary Ellen. Libby is destined to make a beautiful mark on the world.

At the very end of Kayleigh's graduation, as we rose out of our seats, Chelsea became a marshmallow of soppy tears. She bawled the whole way down the steps to find Kayleigh then threw herself into her sister's arms. You would have thought Kayleigh was moving to Asia!