Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Mess with Messiaen!

This is the last piece from the recital, and Libby thinks it's the best of the bunch. From baroque Biber to modern Messiaen, Catholic composers for the violin enjoyed a mini revival last Saturday. This piece was recently rediscovered, and just published last year, so this is the local premier!

ETA: Trip taped the performance, so all close-ups are his fault :) .


Theresa said...

Beautiful! She is so poised and confident. Just wonderful!

April said...

I followed a link from Elizabeth... what an extraordinary performance! And what a talented young woman you have! Thanks for posting such beautiful music!

Moonlight in Vermont said...

This is just so LOVELY.
What an amazing job Libby did! You must be so proud!

Anonymous said...

That was breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for letting us all enjoy the gift God has given you!!!

Mary Alice Phillips said...

Libby, thank you for cheering a dreary rainy morning. My whole family loved your performance. You play with such joy!

It will be fun to follow your accomplishments.
Best wishes,
Mary Alice in Kansas

Cay G. said...

She's so lovely, Macbeth, and I know how proud you are. :)

And, yes, brothers are veterans at revealing their sister's close-up angles, aren't they? LOL

oldestdaughternoisykid said...

WOW!!! She did a great job !!!!!