Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bit of the Senior Recital

Biber's Sonata XVI [Passagalia--"Der Schutzengel als Begleiter des Menschen"--sort of a wrap-up piece for the Rosary Sonantas]. The quality is not great, but the sound is pretty good, I think. She chose the piece for its meditative beauty...and to demonstrate the versatility of her new baroque bow :) .


Alice Gunther said...


As always!!!!! She is beyond beautiful!

Kimberlee said...

This was stunningly beautiful! If you say the sound was 'pretty good' then I can't imagine how wonderful it was in person. I'm amazed at whoever coughed twice - I would have hesitated to breathe! Jonathan listened transfixed by the music. He commented how fascinating it is to have eight minutes of music from four notes, but he's a pianist. ;-) Bravo!!!

Stephanie said...

Wow. Thanks so much for posting that here so we could hear her. Beautiful.

Moonlight in Vermont said...

Simply GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for posting this. Libby plays beautifully!


Melanie B said...

Lovely. Just beautiful.

My two-year old is fascinated as well. She came over and asked about the "singing" and I explained that the girl was playing the violin.

She later started saying, "Amen. Amen. Hail Mary full of grace." How she knew, I don't know.