Monday, February 11, 2008

Way to Go, Ohio!

At 4 degrees F here in Cleveland, this is the coldest weather the girls have ever experienced. I actually had to stop fueling my car for fear of getting too chilled. And the drive was enhanced by snow squalls and white out conditions. Oh, and Ohio closes at 10pm on Sundays. Good night!


Paula in MN said...

So now I know you have never been to Minnesota in late January or early February. We've been at -20 for the last two days, actually -48 when you factor in the windchill. This morning the temp is on the rise. It is now -11!

Elena said...

I wish we could have met you there! Yeah, it's pretty cold right now, but is it really warmer in NY?

Say hi to Annika for me!

~Elena ;-)

Rebecca said...

You came in on a particularly blustery day, especially with the white out conditions! Hopefully, you are still here for the sunny Monday we are having. It is a balmy 9 degrees on our thermometer. :)

MacBeth Derham said...

Paula, I was in MN in June once...not tooo cold!

Elena, I will say hi to her. I wish we could have met up with you! (and yes, it's cold here!).

Rebecca, Monday was lovely. Auditioners were greeted in a recital hall with a glass wall in the back of the stage. The evergreens were covered with snow and that snow glistened in the sunlight. Best of all, we were inside. ;)