Thursday, February 14, 2008

One More Wyoming Flashback

Yet another funny moment as we drove through Wyoming. Dirt roads, construction, and pilot cars lead us to lonely monastery in the middle of farm and pasture. It just happened to be the monastery where my friend's brother lives. Really. Oh. My.

It's also the home of Mystic Monk Coffee. Note the large tank of propane for the roasting of the beans.

We didn't visit, but just drove around the property a bit. It was very quiet, and we did not want to disturb anyone who might be praying, or roasting coffee.

The monks have quite a business going here. They roast and blend the coffees, and package them for sale. You can buy the coffee at .

As we drove away, we passed a UPS truck (you really have to imagine what this was like...we hadn't seen any cars except for pick-up trucks, and construction vehicles for hours). We knew immediately that this out-of-place apparition from civilization was headed for the monastery to pick up a coffee delivery. You can (maybe) just make it out in this last photo.

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Sarah said...

I've been enjoying your trip details. I grew up in SLC, UT.

We get the Monks' coffee delivered every month and it's great. Thanks for the pics.

Congrats to Libby & Trip. . .

(Sarah from the 4R. forum)