Friday, February 22, 2008

Every Year...

my darling husband puts on his most authoritative voice, and states that it's mid February, so that's pretty much it for the winter, and we don't have to worry about snow. Nearly every year, he is wrong. This year is no exception. In the last post, I added photos of lovely green shoots looking for the sun. Today, I am looking for the shoots. The dogs are having a blast. The kids are shoveling the walk in front of Don's office. I was left with the dogs...they love it!

Indy tries to catch the falling snow in his mouth.

Circe enjoys her first real snow.


Run!!!!! It's snooooowing!!

Everyone always asks if Circe is a husky mix. Nope! Both dogs are purebred Australian shepherds, which is to say, they are the decedents of dogs who came to the US with Australian sheep, but they are not Australian. The little blue dogs belonged to the shepherds, who were Basque. They are sure-footed, and love to climb...probably due to their heritage, herding in the hilly Basque country. Also, they are quite fierce, but cautious. In some parts of the US they are used to herd bison. In our house, they are used to herd children, and terrorize the mailman (and they can see him from yards away, and distinguish him from other humans, even when we are out on walks...strange dogs). Circe would like to hone her car-herding skills...thus, the tie-out line.


Anonymous said...

Why not bring Circe here?
We have a couple sheep that have never been herded, Fiona is far to old to old to run but it might be finny to watch Iian abd Andrew. Of course for pure fin maybe the goats could join in.
Any when Circe finished in the field, there is always a puppy and pile of cats.

~cactus mouse~ said...

Oh, I miss snow!!! I loved the pics of the dogs, they looked happy!