Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back from Ohio, but it was Grand!

It was just like the video says--surprisingly super-friendly! I walked into the lobby of our hotel and was greeted by name. Then, they gave me a free upgrade to a jacuzzi room. The folks at the audition were so helpful and pleasant, and what a beautiful campus. I never imagined that Case Western was actually lovely, but it is (rumor has it that is does look better in the snow than on a grey muddy winter day). The music institute is right across from the botanical gardens (closed on Mondays, of course...), and near the art (closed for renovation) and natural history museums as well. Too bad we didn't have much time to visit, but we did drive around campus. I don't think I have ever seen so much Greek...

Libby finished up the audition and entrance exams early, saw a bunch of friends (no matter where we go she meets people she knows), including a boy from Mexico that she met in Aspen. We then met up with a gentleman from this organization and spoke with him at length about becoming involved with his project.

The downside was that Annika was ill, and really didn't enjoy herself, though after a kindly staff member gave her some Advil to complement the Sudafed she brought with her, she felt better. The temperature did not help. With a high of about 16 in Cleveland, we couldn't really get out and walk around. The wind chill was incredible. When we left NY, the temp. was 45, so, yeah...we were not really prepared. And we brought the snow home with us. It's cold and snowy here in the Empire State.

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