Friday, February 29, 2008

Back from Boston

I don't think I have ever been to my hometown for such a short visit. We were there for less than an hour, after a 4 hour drive up...I drove right back home, and made it in less than 4 hours ( don't tell the CT State Troopers).

The audition went...OK. Libby was not quite as pleased as she has been with the others. Her D string went out of tune during the last piece, but most panels say they can tell in 30 seconds if a student is going to pass the audition. Let's hope they heard what they needed to hear in her first piece!

The next two auditions are critical--this Sunday (and maybe a callback on Monday) and next Thursday, especially. Prayers for Libby are always appreciated! Thanks family and friends!


Sarah said...

Praying. . .
(Sarah from 4R.)

Alice Gunther said...

Libby's OK would be anyone else's phenomenal. She is fantastic.